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Commercial Pre-Loss Disaster Planning

What is pre-loss planning?

At Crown Restoration, we understand property losses at a business rarely occur between 8-5 pm. Our industry-certified disaster recovery team has the expertise and experience required to help you prepare to maintain operations. Our technology assists in maintaining your property and minimizing delays during an unexpected disaster. Here are some of the emergency services we can provide at a moment’s notice:

  • Board Up & Security
  • Temporary Power Services
  • Temporary Office Modules
  • Pack Out Services
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Benefits Of Our Commercial Pre-loss Planning Services

We create an entire Emergency Response Plan / Ready Action Plan free of charge. Having one can reduce your property insurance costs as well. Below are the benefits and parts of the pre-loss planning processes:

In the realm of pre-loss planning, recognizing the backbone of your business operations is paramount. Crown Restoration collaborates with you to identify these critical components, ensuring that your pre-loss plan covers every essential aspect. This process involves a detailed analysis of:

  • Key Processes: We help you pinpoint the processes that are vital for day-to-day operations, such as production lines, service delivery, or customer interactions.
  • Vital Resources: This includes physical assets like machinery, IT infrastructure, and inventory, as well as intangible resources like data and intellectual property.
  • Essential Personnel: Identifying staff roles crucial for operational continuity, including leadership, technical experts, and operational staff.

With Crown Restoration’s expertise, you can ensure that your pre-loss plan effectively safeguards these crucial elements, minimizing operational disruptions in the event of a disaster.

An integral part of pre-loss planning is understanding and evaluating potential risks. Crown Restoration offers comprehensive risk assessment services that encompass:

  • Internal Risks: We assess risks originating within your business, such as potential equipment failures, data breaches, or staffing challenges.
  • External Risks: This includes natural disasters, economic fluctuations, and other external factors that could impact your business.
  • Impact Analysis: Our team evaluates the potential impact of these risks on your business operations, helping you understand the severity and likelihood of different scenarios.

By identifying and evaluating these risks, Crown Restoration enables you to develop a more targeted and effective pre-loss strategy, tailored to the specific needs and vulnerabilities of your business.

Accurate documentation of your business’s current state is a critical component of effective pre-loss planning. Crown Restoration’s approach to this documentation includes:

  • Physical Asset Recording: Detailed recording of all physical assets, including buildings, equipment, and inventory, to establish a baseline for insurance and recovery purposes.
  • Operational Data: Documenting operational data such as employee records, customer databases, and supplier information, ensuring that all critical business information is accounted for.
  • Financial Documentation: We assist in compiling comprehensive financial records, including cash flow statements, balance sheets, and insurance policies, to facilitate swift financial recovery post-disaster.

With Crown Restoration’s assistance, you can be assured that your business’s pre-loss condition is meticulously documented, laying a solid foundation for an efficient and effective recovery process.

Pre-loss planning significantly streamlines the claims process, transforming a potentially distressing post-disaster scenario into a more manageable situation. Often, in the wake of a disaster, property owners find themselves in a whirlwind of confusion, struggling to gather necessary documentation and grappling with the complexity of the claim process. This tumult occurs against the backdrop of damaged premises, adding to the stress.

However, with effective pre-loss planning, these challenges are significantly reduced. Insurance experts work in tandem with property owners to proactively outline essential documentation for claims, preparing well before any disaster strikes. Should an unfortunate event like a fire or flood occur, property owners are then ready with all necessary documents, allowing insurance agents to process claims swiftly and expedite financial settlements. This forward-thinking strategy alleviates stress and ensures a more efficient and streamlined claim process for everyone involved.

The presence of a pre-loss plan also expedites the restoration process. Post-claim, the focus shifts to the crucial phase of property restoration. Without a pre-loss plan, this phase can become complex, requiring insurance and restoration teams to acquaint themselves with the damaged property’s specifics.

For instance, knowing the type of materials used in the property, such as sheet rock or plaster, and the systems for heating and cooling is essential for effective restoration. A pre-existing pre-loss plan means these details are already known, eliminating the need for time-consuming assessments in the midst of debris. This knowledge allows restoration professionals, like carpenters and electricians, to begin their work promptly, ensuring a quicker return to normalcy for the property.

Pre-loss planning is also vital in educating property owners, whether residential or commercial, about post-disaster actions. Typically, in the aftermath of a disaster, property owners are overwhelmed and inundated with questions regarding the habitability of their property, permissible actions, and arrangements for alternative accommodations.

However, with a comprehensive pre-loss plan, this vital information is communicated beforehand, eliminating the need for extensive instruction during a crisis. These plans prepare property owners, managers, residents, and other stakeholders with critical knowledge and procedures, equipping them to handle disaster situations more effectively.

Pre-loss planning is proven to mitigate financial losses effectively. Insurance professionals, through these plans, can identify and address potential risks and hazards proactively. This includes recognizing structural weaknesses due to aging infrastructure or outdated materials, as well as economic risks, like the absence of a backup plan for businesses temporarily losing access to their headquarters.

By identifying and addressing these risks in advance, insurance professionals can save their clients significant time and financial resources in the event of a disaster. This comprehensive assessment and mitigation of risks not only reduce potential financial impacts but also enhance the resilience and preparedness of property owners, thereby fortifying their insurance coverage.

At the forefront of insurance professionals’ responsibilities is ensuring client safety, a key aspect addressed by pre-loss planning. These plans provide crucial guidance to property managers and onsite personnel about necessary actions in disaster scenarios. For example, they detail the locations of fire extinguishers, building evacuation procedures, and the operation of safety systems like sprinklers. Access to this critical information not only facilitates smoother claims processes but, more importantly, can be life-saving.

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Matterport Technology

Part of our pre-loss planning includes technology like the Matterport 3D imaging for documenting your business contents and pre-loss conditions. This tool helps you better report the pre-loss condition of your business contents, and during a property damage, helps you understand the property damage remotely.

Matterport uses AI technology and 3D Imaging to develop three views of your property:

  1. Doll House – which shows an overview of every floor of the building.
  2. Inside View – which allows you to virtually walk the scanned building.
  3. Floor Plan View – which provides a bird’s eye view of the building.

Combined with our Ready Action Plan (RAP) web-application, you will have all your property and content assets documented and better maintained.

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