The Holocaust Memorial Museum of San Antonio (HMMSA) is a local institution that educates visitors about the Holocaust. It is located at 12500 NW Military Hwy, San Antonio, TX 78231. It is operated by the Jewish Federation of San Antonio and has been providing educational services since 1975. During the Holocaust, more than one million Jewish people perished in the Holocaust, and the museum is a reminder of those events.

Admission to the museum is free of charge, but donations are appreciated. There are self-guided tours available to individuals and groups. For larger groups, trained docents lead scheduled tours. Guests may pay a suggested donation of $3 per adult or $1 per child. There are interactive resources for children and families to learn more about the Holocaust.

Tours at the Holocaust Museum last two and a half hours. During this time, groups will learn about the Holocaust, watch films, and participate in group activities. The museum offers special tours for schoolchildren and groups up to grade six. However, if your students are in the fifth grade, you should make sure they are prepared for the subject matter.

The Holocaust Memorial Museum of San Antonio is located in the city of San Antonio, Texas. Visitors can use public transportation to reach the museum. To get there, users can download Moovit, an app that offers free maps and live directions. It also shows them which transit stations are closest to their destination. Moovit also allows users to find alternative routes or times to reach the Holocaust Memorial Museum of San Antonio.

The museum’s exhibitions offer a rich historical perspective on the Holocaust. The museum has a new multimedia exhibit titled Displaced Persons, which documents life in camps after WWII. The exhibition also explores the resurgence of Jewish life in the wake of the Holocaust. It includes over 20 panels and is suitable for children in grades 6 and up.

The Holocaust Memorial Museum of San Antonio is free to visit and provides guided tours as well as interactive exhibits. Visitors can also interact with Holocaust survivors who lived in the area. The museum’s exhibits feature video clips of Nazi propaganda, photos of survivors, and details of the American response to the Holocaust.

The Holocaust Memorial Museum of San Antonio has a mission to combat prejudice. In its mission to prevent prejudice, the museum deplores comparisons to Hitler. It is also disturbed by recent attacks against Asian-Americans. The museum hopes that its mission will inspire visitors to stop such acts. It also encourages the use of non-violent methods to resolve disputes.

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