There are many reasons to visit the San Antonio Fire Museum. It is staffed by retired firefighters and has a wide variety of exhibits. The museum also features a room where you can throw a fire-themed birthday party for kids. The museum also teaches kids about fire safety. This museum honors those who have sacrificed their lives to save others. It is located at 801 E Houston St, San Antonio, TX 78205.

The San Antonio Fire Museum was originally a working fire station. Volunteers are working to add new exhibits all the time. They are also acquiring more antique fire trucks to display. Some of these vehicles take several months to restore. You should give a small donation to support their work. Children under 12 can visit the museum for free.

The museum is located at 801 E. Houston St. The building used to house three firefighting units and was built by the Works Progress Administration. Inside, you can see firefighter uniforms, firetrucks, and emergency communication systems. Volunteer docents are retired and active firefighters who give tours of the museum. The museum also has a memorial wall to honor the 28 firefighters who died in the line of duty.

The museum is staffed by volunteers and is a good place to spend some time with children. There are exhibits about firefighting and history, and there are fun activities for children as well. Firefighting artifacts and photos are also on display. You can also learn more about the history of San Antonio by visiting the museum.

The museum is also home to a historic fire pumper, the American LaFrance fire pumper. This fire engine, which was first introduced in 1898, was capable of pumping 700 gallons of water per minute and could carry six men. This engine retired from service in 1910 as San Antonio started motorizing its fire engines. It was donated to the Witte Museum in 1939 by the San Antonio Fire Department. Earlier, the museum had loaned it to the Houston Fire Museum. The Ahrens was delivered to the museum on August 14, 2018.

There is a rich history of San Antonio’s fire department, which dates back to the nineteenth century. During this period, firefighters would run towards a red glow in the sky and try to put out the fire. As the city grew, the volunteer fire companies were replaced with a full-time paid fire department. Eventually, the San Antonio Fire Department was founded in 1891.

The city also has the River Walk, which is lined with shops, restaurants, and hotels. There are also walking tours available to help visitors enjoy the River Walk. In the spring, you can also visit Fiesta San Antonio. This festival celebrates the city’s history and is an important part of San Antonio’s cultural life.

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