The DoSeum is a museum aimed at children that encourages hands-on learning. It is located at 2800 Broadway, San Antonio, TX 78209. There are several exhibits for different ages, including an Innovation Station that encourages children to build with toys. The Force Course focuses on the concept of force, with simple machines that power musical instruments and ball runs. There are also rotating exhibits and events, such as a spring break camp and educator programs. Parents will enjoy spending time together with their children in this fun, educational environment.

DoSeum instructors collaborate with educators and families to create a STEM curriculum tailored to each family’s needs. They also work to foster key relationships with schools by hosting Family Science Night. The DoSeum also partners with the University of Texas-San Antonio to conduct research on early learning and development. For more information about the DoSeum and its programs, visit its website or Facebook page.

A partnership between Watt Watchers, Smart Energy Education, and the DoSeum resulted in the “What is Energy?” Passport. The project was designed to educate visitors about energy conservation and sustainability through hands-on activities. The interactive activity included life-size characters as well as classic Watt Watcher characters.

While visiting the DoSeum, consider bringing your child along on a field trip so they can explore the museum with you. The museum offers programs for all learning levels, from toddlers to teens, encouraging young minds to explore learning and make connections with STEM subjects, arts, and literacy. While primarily known as a children’s museum, the organization has expanded to become a leader in informal education. It continues to focus on its mission of connecting families and transforming communities with its exhibits and programs.

The second floor has an Innovation Station that puts technology in children’s hands. It gives kids a hands-on experience of technology with games, gestures, and Augmented Reality. They can also build a bridge or a robot with real tools in a safe environment. The children’s imaginations will be fueled by hands-on activities.

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